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Don't drown in repair costs.

Water Damage Professionals
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Water damage can cause a lot of headaches for homeowners. Not only can it lead to expensive repairs, but it can also result in dangerous structural damage, harmful mold growth, and even family health problems. Water damage can be caused by a variety of things, including storms, leaks, faulty plumbing, and even condensation. No matter the cause, it's important to act quickly to repair the damage and prevent further problems. That’s where your trusted professionals at Total Fire and Water come in!

Water and Flood Repair Process Includes:

  • Flood and Water Damage Assessment

  • Water Extraction and Removal

  • Structural Assessment and Repair

  • Disinfecting and Mold Prevention Services

Storm Clouds

Eliminating Every Last Drop.

Water and flood damage repair involves removing water from the affected area and then repairing any architectural damage that has occurred. Water damage restoration is the process of returning your home to its original condition after water damage has occurred. This may involve cleaning, disinfecting, and even rebuilding parts of your home. Flood damage repair is similar to water damage repair, but it also often requires special equipment and training to properly fix the problem. If you're dealing with water or flood damage, it's important to call our experts at Total Fire and Water Restoration immediately to develop a course of action that is right for you.

Water and Flood Restoration Services

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Whether it's extensive fire or flood damage, mold infestation, or storm cleanup, our team is ready to help! Contact Total Fire and Water Restoration today and let our professionals handle the rest. 

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