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Caught In the Storm?
We're Ready To Respond.

Experts in Natural Disaster
Restoration and Repair

The southeastern United States, including Georgia, is no stranger to severe storms and the damage that they can cause. Strong winds, hail, rain, and intense flooding can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, often leaving them in a state of collapse. At Total Fire and Water Restorations, our disaster rehabilitation technicians are equipped and ready to respond quickly to storm damage repair needs. Whether you are dealing with roof damage from high winds or water damage from heavy rains and flash floods, we have the skills and expertise necessary to restore your property to its original condition.

Disaster Cleanup and Storm Repair Process Includes:

  • Sight Inspection and Planning

  • Debris Breakdown and Removal

  • Sanitation and Recovery

  • Structural Repair and Reinforcement

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Helping You Weather The Storm.

Our disaster clean-up and restoration experts have years of extensive experience planning, managing, building multi-phase jobs, and assisting with insurance claims. You can count on our storm repair professionals to provide timely and effective storm disaster repairs in your time of need. So if you need assistance with emergency storm repair or any other disaster damage repair service in Georgia, or surrounding areas contact us today!

Disaster Restoration Services

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The Pros at Total Fire and Water Service are Waiting For Your Call!

Whether it's extensive fire or flood damage, mold infestation, or storm cleanup, our team is ready to help! Contact Total Fire and Water Restoration today and let our professionals handle the rest. 

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